Welcome and Introduce yourself!

Welcome to BunBun’s Friends forums!

I want this to be a fun and safe place for us to share art, find art, getting news about comics releases, selling adopts and commissions and more!

Please if you’d like, introduce yourself here and tell us what your goals are: either making new friends, finding artists and comic, or trying to promote your work out there!

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Howdy! I am tj54 here and on FA, I am a long time art commissioner and always like to find lesser known artists to give them a chance. I am also considering putting some sort of simple game together with characters I’ve assembled, so I’ve been on the lookout for adopt bases since while I’m bad at drawing I’m alright coloring things in! I’ve also taken an interest recently in map making and have been having fun with a program called Wonderdraft! It’s probably the best software for maps I have seen in a long while.